Mr. Jeremy Yap

Deputy Chief Executive (Public Transport, Policy and Planning)

Land Transport Authority, Singapore

Jeremy Yap is the Deputy Chief Executive, Public Transport, Policy and Planning at the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore since 1 April 2015.  In his current portfolio, Jeremy oversees the Public Transport, Policy & Planning, as well as the Active Mobility & Vehicle Services Groups in LTA. Jeremy was seconded to Singapore’s Ministry of Transport in 2004 as Deputy Director (Land) to help oversee land transport policy matters.  After serving 3 years at the Transport Ministry, he returned to LTA and was appointed Group Director, Vehicle and Transit Licensing and the Registrar of Vehicles in April 2008. As Group Director, Policy & Planning from April 2010 to September 2014, Jeremy directed the formulation, review and implementation of land transport policies and the planning (including the safeguarding and protection) of transport infrastructure and systems, and was instrumental in the roll-out of the First Land Transport Master Plan. In his current capacity as Deputy Chief Executive, Jeremy was key to the development and recent launch of the Land Transport Master Plan 2040. As part of his current portfolio, Jeremy also oversees the procurement and regulation of Public Transport Services including the New Mobility services such as ride hail, free floating bike-share services, and micro-mobility. Currently, Jeremy is a member of the UITP Executive Board as Vice President and serves as the Chairperson for the Organising Authorities Division from 2019-2021.