Singapore is at the hub of Asia Pacific, where this region has been a testing ground for some of the world’s innovative and transformative urban mobility services. SITCE 2020 is a three-day congress programme that aims to address challenges and raise solutions for urban mobility planners, operators, service providers, innovators, start-ups and researchers to come together in shaping the future of the urban mobility landscape.

SITCE 2020 is a biennial event where Asia Pacific and international peers of public transport and mobility service providers will come together to inspire, share and learn from one another on the latest trends of public transport and urban mobility.

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SITCE 2020 Streams and Topics:

Stream 1: People-oriented Public Transport

Public transport is about connecting people and supporting a large workforce. This stream is related to current policies and governance best-practices as well as organisational strategies that help cities in building an inclusive and accessible public transport system that puts ‘people (customer and staff) first’.

Stream 2: Safeguarding Public Transport: Security & Safety

Leading organisations will be sharing their security and safety management strategies to tackle the threats and disruptions of both physical and cyber forms. This stream will also explore the latest technologies such as AI, 5G, Blockchain, and Cloud computing that help or challenge public transport security systems.

Stream 3: Balancing Act of Fares, Funding and Financing

The continuous need in upgrade and expansion of affordable public transport systems requires funding. This will feature experts in sharing the latest trends in funding, financing and partnerships for public transport projects to balance the cost side of the equation.

Stream 4: Revolutionising the Public Bus Industry

Find out the latest developments in the public bus industry from the sector’s leaders across the world presenting on topics such as energy efficiencies, innovative bus infrastructures, autonomous shuttles, on-demand buses, flexible and optimised routes and many more.

Stream 5: Enablers of Urban Rail: Assets, Infrastructure, Operations and Maintenance

Railway is a complex ecosystem. Each function needs to co-exist with another in order to have a smooth and safe operation. Join us to hear from leading railway experts discussing the recent breakthroughs on digital railways, intelligent assets and infrastructure, innovative construction technologies, optimised operations and maintenance. 

Stream 6: The New Age of Mobility: Active, Shared and Integrated

Mobility trends are changing rapidly and mobility market is becoming a test bed for many innovators and investors. This stream will discuss, debate and showcase what are the hot trends in Asia and around the world on urban mobility with featuring topics of active and micro mobility, MaaS, innovative ticketing technologies, shared mobility services and advanced public transport management systems.